Jesse Cunningham has come up with a concept for a web application that would allow users to easily compare two cities side by side. This comparison would include items like: Cost of living, demographic breakdown, notable landmarks, nightlife hot spots, and crime data.

In addition to this comparing functionality, there would also be user submitted content. This would allow for new residents of that city to hear real people give the “inside scoop” of that city (think Wikipedia for cities.)

Once the popularity has been established, the web app would gradually add more features and functionality to the app, generating revenue through local business ads. And “Featured Restaurants.”

Through our user-centered, business-supporting approach to building web solutions, we will deliver critical definition, structure, and user research to guide Compare Two’s web build team in realizing a new visual

The purpose of this document is to define project goals and objectives. These goals and objectives will guide all deliverables for this project.

Critical Success Factors

Jesse has identified critical success factors for the web app design. To succeed, the app must:

  • Attract and retain users to the site
  • Provide users with valuable information
  • Have an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design

Organizational Goals

Jesse identified the following prioritized goals for the new site:

  • Build a functional, easy to use web app that generates revenue
  • Establish a new media platform that people will return to
  • Keep the user experience pure

Audience Definition

Jesse identified and prioritized the following audience groups:

1. Young professionals

2. College students

3. Families

Audience Core Tasks and Information Goals

The audiences’ core tasks and information goals fit into three main tasks.

  • View data about the two cities
  • Post content and/or reviews of the city
  • Share their findings with their friends


This document outlines the project goals and objectives; it provides understanding of Jesse's:

  • Critical success factors
  • Organization goals
  • Audiences

These findings will inform the creation of the site map and wireframes.


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