Design-a-Light is a legacy web application that needed to be updated to the new Duke Energy design standards. You can view the old design here.  This application allows users to pick their environment, light fixture, and pole style. At the end of the design process there's a preview of the pole and fixture allowing the user to see what the light would look like in its respective environment.

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To succeed, the application must do all of the following:

  • Guide users through the design process
  • Allow users to create and order their light

Critical Success Factors

Duke Energy has identified organizational goals for the application design. To succeed, the application must:

  • Allow the user to create their own design with minimal calls to the help center
  • Increase the sales of outdoor lighting products

Organizational Goals

The audiences’ core tasks and information goals fit into three main tasks.

  1. Local government officials
  2. Home owner associations and committee members 
  3. Individuals who are trying to add lighting to their property

Audience Core Tasks and Information Goals

Step 1


Step 1 - Change Location Selected


Step 2 - With Setting Hover


Step 3 - With Fixture Hover


Step 4 - Pole Selection


Step 5 - Review


Step 5 - Review with Fixture Info Slidedown


Mobile Design-a-Light

Step 1, Step 2


Step 3, Step 4


Mobile Step 5

Mobile Step 5a.png