Design Reveal Sandbox


TerpSys uses its Design Reveal Sandbox to inform the customer about latest revisions made to their website. The current sandbox has remained essentially the same for eight years, with few changes to design or functionality. Currently, the TerpSys staff has felt that the website does not reflect their technical ability. They are seeking a revised site that will represent them in a professional and technically-proficient manner. 

Critical Success Factors

The TerpSys leadership team has identified critical success factors for the sandbox refresh.

To succeed, the sandbox must:

  •          Be aesthetically pleasing and professional looking
  •          Have intuitive navigation
  •          Allow designers to update the site without a developer’s assistance

Organizational Goals

The TerpSys leadership team has identified the following prioritized goals for the new sandbox site.            

  1.  Increase aesthetic appeal
  2.  Enable design team to update and maintain the site without developer assistance
  3.  Guide customers through current and past versions of designs
  4.  Ensure the Sandbox is not indexed by search engines, so customer materials stay confidential
  5.   Incorporate other Design phase deliverables


When making decisions about a web site, it is critical to keep in mind the target audiences, especially those audience groupings that rank as primary or secondary in importance. The audience dictates such things as content, navigation style, writing level and tone, visual design, and features and functionality.

Audience Definition

The TerpSys leadership team identified and prioritized the following audience groups:

  1.  Key customer stakeholders
  2.  TerpSys UX staff

Audience Core Tasks and Information Goals

The audiences’ core tasks and information goals fit into three stages:

  1. View the most recent designs
  2. Communicate feedback to designers or primary contact
  3. Approve final designs

Users need to know which design is most recent and have a way to communicate their likes and dislikes to the designers.

Analytics Needs

TerpSys has indicated that it would like to measure how well the new sandbox meets their users’ needs and how the site could improve.


This document outlines the projects goals and objectives; it provides understanding of TerpSys’s

  •          Critical success factors
  •          Organization goals
  •          Audiences
  •          Analytics needs

These findings will inform wireframes and visual design.