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I was tasked to create a sister website to the Duke Energy News Center with the focus being on brand journalism instead of general public announcements. Stories from the brand journalism site (Duke Energy illumination) will be surfaced on the News Center but the two will be distinct sites with the emphasis on the brand journalism site being on stories.

The client wanted their to be a heavy emphasis on stories and supporting imagery. All stories would be categorized in one of seven main categories: Expert Advice, Making a Difference, Innovation, The Environment, Remarkable People, Insights, and Retro. The main page design should allow the visitor to easily select one of the seven main categories and see only stories categorized under that heading.

During this project I worked closely with a front end developer and a graphic designer.


Duke Energy has identified critical success factors for the brand journalism website design. To succeed, the website must:

  • Display stories about Duke Energy
  • Categorize these stories into one of seven different categories
  • Provide an engaging experience to the user

Critical Success Factors

Duke Energy has identified organizational goals for the application design. To succeed, the website must:

  • Be an engaging website for Duke Energy Customers and news journalists to browse
  • Provide an alternative medium for internal news stories about Duke Energy

Organizational Goals

The audiences’ core tasks and information goals fit into two main tasks.

  1. Browse articles about Duke Energy
  2. Find related or similar stories of the same category

Audience Core Tasks and Information Goals



Category page with Menu


Story page


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Home Page with Menu

Story Page