Layers of the User Experience

UXD Principles and Concepts

My first week of graduate school had me hit the ground running with multiple mid-week deadlines. I found that the other students in my class were very from diverse backgrounds and eager to learn about User Experience Design. Now that I know what is expected of me, I am optimistic that I will be able to balance work, school, and life for the rest of this course and beyond. We had three graded assignments this week along with some reading. The three assignment were:

  • Discussion: What UX Do You Do (Or Want To Do)?
  • Discussion: Applying Design Thinking
  • Discussion: Start A Personal UX Pattern Collection

As a mostly self taught UX Designer I genuinely enjoyed going back to the basics of my trade. I found that I haven’t been making time to improve my skill set as much as I should, and I like how going back to school forces me to do that.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 11.07.17 AM.png

One thing stood out to me that I hadn’t really thought about in a while was the Five Planes analogy. In the second chapter of the Elements of User Experience Garrett talks about how there are five planes that make up a good User experience. The planes are surface, skeletal, structure, scope, and strategy. I have been working within these plans my entire career but never really thought about them in this way before. All in all, this was a very exciting first week of school and I look forward to progressing through this course and the subsequent courses.