About me

My name is Jesse Cunningham I am a User Experience Designer from North Potomac Maryland. I am passionate about crafting engaging user experiences through web and mobile application design.

I was fortunate to find my passion early in my college career. While completing my dual degree in Information Systems and Marketing I was hired as a full time summer intern at TerpSys where I was mentored as an Information architecture.

After graduating from college I landed my first contract position at the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) as a UX/UI Designer. This position gave me broad exposure and experience in a wide variety of web design disciplines including user interface design, user experience design, and front end development.

During my time at IBTS I decided to move south to Charlotte North Carolina. I couldn't be happier to be in such an awesome and welcoming city. I am currently working as a User Experience Designer on a contract at Duke Energy Corporation.


CoreClarity™ Strength Finder


  • Uncanny ability to get to the root of the problem quickly and fix it

  • Ingeniously repurpose and reinvent the tools of the trade to meet immediate needs

  • Drawn to breakdowns; energized by opportunities to revive, renovate and restore

  • Experience joy when righting wrongs, fighting fires and bringing things back to life

  • Need to recognize when it is time to move on; don't break what is no longer broken

Natural Troubleshooter



  • Intuitively see the unique brilliance of each person - their talents and gifts

  • Expertly build masterful teams by placing people perfectly

  • Understand and appreciate the motivations and actions of others

  • Modify own style to create a strong connection with each and every individual

  • Need to seek insights to understand self and appreciate own brilliance and gifts

Naturally Discerning



  • Rock solid reliability creates lifelong connections with other people

  • Promised results occur with virtually no supervision

  • Clear objectives are essential, expected and appreciated

  • No excuses or rationalizations - reputation depends on it

  • To maintain trustworthiness and sanity, must learn when and how to say no

Naturally Dependable



  • Objectively pursue logical and detailed data to reveal patterns, principles and proofs

  • Fact-finder and truth-seeker; discover root causes to determine intention and outcome

  • Question and challenge everything: theories, processes, intentions and relationships

  • Thorough thought process builds structurally sound platforms from which to launch

  • Must push forward with incomplete data to get feedback and avoid analysis paralysis

Naturally Precise



  • Vividly envision what can be by painting a picture of potential possibilities

  • Artfully reveal an imagined future full of innovative products and solutions

  • Fascination and anticipation of what is to come fuels forward momentum

  • Reflections on a positive future remove current barriers to change

  • Need to find grounding in the present to turn dreams into reality

Natural Visionary

About me continued...

In my free time I enjoy craft beer, running, kayaking, fishing, playing bass guitar, volunteering, being a “Big” at Big Brother Big Sisters, hanging out with friends, and playing the latest Xbox One game.

I really do love my job, so if you have any questions for me, or if you just want to grab a beer, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!